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Kinda forgot I had a LJ for a good almost 2 years.

I think I'm coming back. I just have to change a few of my pictures around and whatnot.

Promise I'll be kind...

I'm updating solely for the sake of updating. And that I just found out Jorrit has a fucking LJ.

I guess I had nothing to bitch about. Life's good. I.. think I'm not going back to ITI. I feel grateful for what they've done for me, but I don't feel the need to go back. I'm trying to find a job near home to get started up on things. I can't sit around doing nothing.

My cousin, Samantha, is visiting, and we're having the stupidest fun. She keeps singing Paparazzi by Lady GaGa and won't shut up. It's hilarious.

So, I started broadcasting stuff on Jtv last week. Getting a few faithful watchers as I play the most random shit ever. AND I found Persona 3 FES for 15 bucks. Hell yeah!


New icon, that's all. Spanky, FTW.

Beat Mirror's Edge twice today. Game is too awesome for words. I had the urge to play Bioshock after buying the splicer-rabbit-mask shirt for my avatar on LIVE, but I think I'm too tired.



So it seems JTV is playing games with me. My audio won't work for Dazzle at all, and I don't know how to get it fixed. And when it DOES play, it gives off random LOUD noises that just piss me off further.

And my SNES stopped working. It finally died on me right when I bought a new Super Gameboy. I feel so betrayed... D= But I did happen to find the elusive Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters for GB. Helluva lotta fun.

Madison went on this 80's tirade in his car when we went to the mall. The 80's need a comeback. I'm waiting impatiently for it.

Time to stop playing with toys.

*Out of PURE coincidence*, I recently got a message on okcupid from a guy from Ocean Springs, which happens to be Michael's hometown. Two days after I put on that damn site that I'm in a relationship, this totally random guy from the SAME goddamn hometown of my ex just up and decided to talk to me. Coincidence?

Fuck to the goddamn no.

I wish he'd grow the fuck up. He's the one who wanted to break up with me and that's what he got, he can't send spies on me to see how I'm doing.

Needless to say, I didn't answer the guy, and I don't intend to. This is ridiculous.


I have fury!!

First and foremost, ocremix just pushed out Echoes of Betrayal, Light of Redemption, and it sounds...... amazing. Because my iTunes is stupid, I had to put in one at a time. Saving time, I put in all of them then started listening. Putting every one in and hearing only the first few seconds of each put me in tears... Now that I'm sitting down and hearing each in all their glory, it's, in a simple word, wonderful. The remixers TOTALLY outdid themselves for this one, and it shows. It's a remix album of Final Fantasy IV, if no one knows.

So, Madison came over for a visit yesterday. Long story short, we made things official. We saw it was clear that we were the only ones on the other's mind, so we're going for it.

It's funny... even with Michael, I never got the feeling I'm getting. Like... this could be it, if I can go that far. This could be the lasting relationship I've been looking for.

*shakes head* I don't wanna be that guy that gushes about his relationship. Those people bother me, and I promised myself I wouldn't do that. But things are good now, finally.


^^^^ GET IT!!!!


His name is Madison.

That it all for now.

--like it matters--

Polka-dot It

I'm sorry.

It was in a related video for something and it got me addicted.


No more carefree laughter

So, Bethany is officially the best sister ever. She gave me a CD earlier today that has nothing but ABBA remixes on it. They're done extremely well, and I can't stop listening to it.

Lady GaGa is a slut. Did you see her new interview? Summing up what she said: "I need a man with a big dick." Yeah. Nice going, GaGa.

It's taken me a month, but I'm starting to let someone in. His name is Brian, and we both decided to take things slow. I do really like him as he likes me, and I have hopes (yes, hopes). Only time shall tell, bah.

My Ipod Touch has 3 cracks in it already. I'm afraid I'll cut myself when I slide it open. I need to get that checked. :\

Doodle found a bag in the closet of the room he and I shared. Guess what was in that treasure chest? MY N64, WITH MARIO TENNIS. I shit a brick when he handed it to me. He thought he could beat me at it (even after all these years), so I had to beat him to prove him wrong. TWICE. =D

'Nothing more to say... No more ace to play'... DAMN, they did that one awesome.

Jun. 4th, 2009

(now icon show-off)

So I missed that damn Kate Voegele concert. Oh well.

SAMANTHA IS COMING VISIT THIS WEEKEND. That's seriously the only thing charging me through this week.

OH. And not to mention that Bethany's dance recital is on friday. =D Which I'm helping her set up for all day, thank God.

So. E3 is happening as I type. I wasn't really excited for anything (as there was really nothing to look forward to) but DAMN was I wrong. 3 must haves for me--which I thankfully have all the systems for--Castlevania, Super Mario Galaxy 2, and GOLDEN SUN DS.

Unfortunately, there's really nothing else going on that's even remotely entertaining anymore. I bid farewell.